Dr Vija Sodera FRCS
Look at a speck of dust on the table in front of you.Given the time span of a few billion years, is it possible for such a particle, composed only of simple molecules, to rearrange its structure, acquire consciousness and ultimately, to contemplate its origins?
Even before the publication of 'Origin of species', the biological, medical and anatomical evidence available to Darwin would have proved to him that evolution could not possibly happen. See Gray’s Anatomy 1st edition 1858.
The evolution myth


A world class book, which has provided a new paradigm by which to view the evolutionary myth. It is very well written, easy to understand, very thorough, has great explanations. It has a no-nonsense format which I have come to appreciate from General Surgeons.

Dr Donald Moeller DDS MD MA (Biology) Maxillofacial Surgeon

This outstanding encyclopedic work deals purely with the scientific evidence. For detailed critique of evolution theory (especially anatomy and physiology of living and extinct animals), this book is an excellent investment.

Dr Jerry Bergman Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology - Creation Research Society Quarterly, USA

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