Dr Vija Sodera FRCS

This is a significant work tackling the premier myth of our time. That is, that natural processes and lots of time were sufficient to change a primordial speck of matter into all organisms, including humans. The author’s expertise as a surgeon, his ability to make astute observations and his keen analytical mind make this especially formidable… In conclusion, this is a very fine book—very well written, well illustrated, well structured and thought provoking.

A deluxe book…published in hardcover on glossy paper…crammed with original full colour photographs, diagrams and paintings. But this is not an art book. The argument is the thing with which the author seeks to catch the reader’s attention... Over the years he has used his medical skills and interests in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, to research evolutionary arguments in the fields of palaeontology and biology. His method is to discover what the data and issues are, and to analyze the situation in the light of principles which he has already derived from other related data…

This surgeon from the UK, with a special interest in animal biology, provides a detailed and devastating critique of evolution theory. In this encyclopedic book, Dr Sodera explores the living world from coelacanths to embryology; from dinosaurs to muscle contraction; from whales to human fossils; and shows conclusively that the ‘one small speck to man’ theory of evolution is more imagination than reality. With 464 pages and over 800 color images, this truly outstanding work deals purely with the scientific evidence and provides a highly detailed reference. Some readers may already be familiar with many of the critiques of Darwin’s theory presented in this book.  However, to have them nicely organized in one volume, with outstanding photos and graphics to illustrate the points, makes this a wonderful high school or college level text, as well as a prized coffee table book that is fun to browse.

This book is a very comprehensive refutation of Darwinian evolution. There are many arguments I have not encountered in the several dozen Creation science books I have read, and even when Dr Sodera is covering familiar ground he finds some unfamiliar angle to work on. So when he covers the cell's protein synthesis mechanism, which will be well known to many readers, he focuses on one particular enzyme (aminoacyl tRNA synthetase) and makes a powerful case against this enzyme, or rather group of enzymes, having ever arisen by chance. This is illustrated with coloured drawings helping the reader to keep up. The extensive illustrations in the book are its most striking feature and really essential as some of the subjects are complex and without the illustrations would be hard to follow. The argument against the evolutionary origin of the ear bones, which Dr Sodera bases on embryology (and is one of the highlights of the book) would be tough going without the colour diagrams. Another feature of the book is it gives no quarter to Darwinism. Before reading the book I would have conceded the theoretical possibility of the nostrils of some dog-like ancestral creature migrating towards the position of a whale's blowhole by natural variation and selection. But he finds a convincing reason why it is not plausible. Buy the book and find what the reason is!

Mr. Christopher L. Stradling

This book works on two levels, on one level it is an excellent in-depth introduction to biology and the functions of life and on the other, it shows conclusively and without any opportunity for argument,just what a fallacy the 'theory of evolution' is. The author succeeds in translating some very complicated science into language that the average layman can understand. It is a very big book that covers every part of evolutionary theory and completely refutes all of it. There is no way anyone could come away from reading this book and still believe in the fairy tale that is biological evolution. Dr sodera doesnt offer any other theories for how life came to be,but we can certainly rule out evolution as having anything at all to do with it. The big question you are left with from reading this book is why is it that the scientific establishment are so keen to deceive mankind into believing this obvious lie?


This book sets out from the start to show the flawed philosophy of evolution and how impossible it is that all we see around us came about through uncontrolled natural forces. Information comes from but one source mind. So how can a mindless blind process be able to produce mankind or any other creature? The ecosystems of the earth are set up in such a way as to be irreducibly complex as are the organisms that make up that system. So how could they evolve from simpler things? They need to be operating at this complex level from the start otherwise the system will break down. Even the so called simple things of the Cambrian era are incredibly complex. So where does simple begin and complex start? The so called clever people who espouse evolution as the mechanism for life orgins are in rebellion to God. God is the only realistic option as C S Lewis realised through logical reasoning: There has to be a God otherwise it would not work. Anything else is just folly. in fact saying there is no God is folly. The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of understanding.

C D Proteuson - Fascion

This hardback coloured book of well over 500 pages containing the most detailed and up-to-date information is not for the head-in-the-sand student who is happy to be swept away by the popular current of materialistically flavoured pseudo-science of Darwin and Dawkins. If you are looking for ONE product, whether it be DVD or book that is the most comprehensive, factual, and detailed source of information regarding biology in the living world this is it. Over 1600 illustrations and diagrams covering molecular movement, DNA and proteins, chromosomes, Intelligence, fossils, variations and much much more are contained in this encyclopedic work. At the molecular level the theory-tale of evolution disintegrates but this vastly detailed study of the anatomy and physiology of living things by Dr Sodera shows how vastly inept Darwinism is when more than one aspect is simultaneously studied. Dr Sodera challenges the fantastic series of propositions that every surgeons knife exposes as fantasy, when Evolutionary "theory" is dissected. This is a must keep on the shelf book for any one wanting to know about "Whale evolution" , "pseudo-genes" and chromosomes, common ancestry or a plethora of contentious biological issues in very readable language. There are numerous detailed critiques of many scientific papers commonly touted as proof of the evolutionary hypotheses. The wealth of information contained in this book is the missing link in common sense and empirical biology.

Mark Haville

I loved this book because it is very clear and deep. Dr. Vij Sodera writes very well and concisely. I recommend.

Leandro S. de Barros

I am very impressed with the book, and the excellent arguments you present against evolution.

Geoff Chapman - Creation Resources Trust
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