Dr Vija Sodera FRCS

Dr Vija Sodera is a surgeon, public speaker and author of the book  One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution myth.

Although he was taught evolution at school and university, Vija has always been concerned that the idea is based on the most tenuous and unconvincing foundations, and the first edition of One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution myth was the result of 14 years’ rigorous exploration of the scientific evidence.

Dissecting an emu
Filming Sal, the monitor lizard

Vija’s natural history studies have taken him to East Africa, Canada, Florida and Iceland, where he has photographed diverse wildlife. Along with the anatomical dissections and most of the photographs, all the artwork and diagrams in One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution myth are his own work.

vij-olduvai-2 copy
Overlooking Oldavai Gorge, Kenya

Lamb vagus & phrenic nerves

Cow heart

Conger eel skull


Badger bones

Dr Vija Sodera is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, with extensive experience in emergency surgery and skin surgery. In addition to his new Minor Surgery series, he has authored three other textbooks, with sales of over 30,000 and which have been translated into Italian, Japanese and Indonesian, with a special Indian edition. All his books are extensively illustrated with his own illustrations and photographs. His acclaimed book Skin Surgery in General Practice and his Skin Tumour diagnostic poster are found in most general practices in the UK. He has also published numerous articles on minor surgery in primary care, and on minor injuries. He is currently working on a new Diagnostic Atlas on Minor Injuries. For more information, visit minorsurgery.org

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Having always had a special love of animals, Vija is an accomplished wildlife artist, and has exhibited many of his paintings. A number of his paintings are featured in One Small Speck to Man ~ the evolution mythand are also on view in his consulting rooms.

Vija and his wife live on the south coast of England. They have two daughters and four grandchildren.


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