Evolution impossible
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God: the proof. Volume 1

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the PROOF











Section 1:
  The proof of God from animal biology

Section 2: Fulfilled prophecy proves that the Bible is true
Proof that Jesus is the Messiah
Bible history
How the Bible came to be

Section 3: Comparative religions
Roman Catholicism

Section 4: The Fall of Man, and Salvation
The fall
The Salvation plan


God: the proof. Volume 2

Matters of fact










Section 1: 
Crucifixion location and date

Section 2: Origin of Man and the Fall

Section 3: The Exodus

Section 4: The Bible and violence

Section 5: Satan and fallen angels

Section 6: Daniel 9, Matthew 24 and Revelation


Israel: A virtual tour from a Biblical perspective


This is not a picture book
This is not a tour guide
This is not a Bible commentary
It is all of these things




A particular feature of this book is that every important Biblical site is shown using a unique combination of satellite, aerial, and panoramic images, and road maps.
This is in addition to the numerous photographs of each site from various different angles.
The emphasis is on actual and authentic Biblical sites, and not on the buildings that have been built to commemorate particular places and events.


Evolution nonscience






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